Capture Yours Workshop

I have been asked numerous times over the past year if I would ever consider teaching a class to “mom’s (or dad’s) with cameras” so that they can understand the basic functions and operations of their DSLR cameras. My response was always, “Yes! I’d love to teach a class!…But I just need to figure out when, where and what to teach!” But now I’ve gotten all that figured out and have teamed up with my wonderful friend and photographer, Gretchen Ennis of Gretchen Ennis Photography & Design, to teach a mini workshop for “moms (or dad’s) with cameras”! We are so excited about this workshop and we hope you are too!

Here’s the skinny…

The “Capture Yours Workshop” is for those individuals (not just “mom’s with cameras”) that have a DSLR camera that would like to learn how to get it off of auto mode and start fully utilizing the camera and its capabilities in manual mode.

This workshop is not for those individuals that have, or wish to start, their own photography business (whether it be an “on the side gig” or a full time job), but simply for the average individual who just wants to learn more about that camera that they dropped few hundred dollars on. (Note: All workshop attendees will be asked to sign a non-compete agreement.)

The workshop is scheduled for Saturday, February 16, 2013 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the studio of Lisa Sherwood Photography located inside the Old Creamery Quilt & Coffee Shop, 120 Superior Ave, Randall, MN. If we have a lot of interest in this workshop and there is a desire for another, we will schedule another workshop for the near future.

The cost of the workshop is $159 (plus tax…which equals $170.73). With the registration cost, you will get four hours of education from two talented photographers, learn about the functionality of your camera, learn how to use manual focus, understand the basics of utilizing natural light in photography, a packet of information discussed in the workshop, as well as light snacks and refreshments.

In order to attend the workshop, you must have a DSLR camera (a DSLR camera is a digital single lens reflex camera and uses interchangeable lenses.) Any brand of camera is welcome. (Note: Lisa shoots with a Nikon and Gretchen shoots with a Canon.) *See ad below for more information on specific models of DSLR cameras.

– Camera
– Lens(es) ::: If you’re interested in purchasing an awesome lens that you would probably enjoy using at the workshop and elsewhere, consider purchasing a 50mm 1.8 lens from Amazon for about $100!
– Camera Manual
– Pen & Paper (for notes)

Registration for the workshop will open TODAY! To register for the workshop, you must email Once she receives your email, she  will email you back with information on how to formally register and pay for the class.

Note that the workshop is limited to the first 10 individuals. So be sure to register ASAP! A spot in the Workshop would be a wonderful Christmas gift (hint, hint)!