• I'm Lisa, a portrait photographer located in Central Minnesota. I started Lisa Sherwood Photography in 2010 and this is my journey, it's what I was meant to do. I'm married to the love of my life and we've been blessed with 4 little people who simply amaze us every single day, and keep us very busy! It's simple...I love what I do and It's important to me to make my sessions a wonderful experience for all my clients. I hope to capture moments in your life you never want to forget and give you the gift of lasting memories. Right here is where I will post my latest sessions and life's little happenings. Thanks so much for stopping by, Enjoy!

My William’s second cousin ┬áSam, came out to the studio with us last week. Both boys are days apart in age, so we thought what better time to take their 6 months pictures, and we can get a few shots of the boys together. As you can see in the pictures we sang one of the boy’s favorite songs, A Ram Sam Sam:) Those of you will little ones probably know this catchy little tune. When we sat Will and Sam side by side they found each other quite interesting, we thought it was so funny how Sam would touch Will’s leg and wonder “hey is this my leg or his”. ┬áHere are a few of Sam’s session ~ Enjoy!


Ok so I believe EVERY mom needs a “Mommy & Me” session with her Child(ren) ! This is an absolute MUST! We moms seem to always be the ones “behind” the camera, and…when we do ask our husbands to just take one good picture of us with our kids, well, hmmm, I never get so lucky, something typically goes wrong, like one eye shut, hair in the face, blurry, off center, not my good side:), well, you get the picture. Sorry hubby’s, we know you try but we just want a few nice pics with our kids, so some day when our kids are grown, we have beautiful memories and…they can say, wow, my mom rocks!

Well, this momma rocks! AND…thanks to her awesome husband, she was given a “Mommy & Me” session as a gift – what a great gift!

Here are a few beautiful memories for you Erica.



So happy I’ve been able to squeeze in a few outdoor sessions on the “nice” days – how many have we had so far, maybe 5 total, sorry to remind all of you of the cold June we’re having so far:( Well, here’s a little cutie pie who was lucky enough to get outside for his session and it was warm enough for his ADORABLE little onsie – good job mom!

Happy Birthday Emmit!